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First Molar I

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

We had a great training with Wendy yesterday.  She showed the current version for 17.1.1 and we will upgrade to version 17....once some more tweaks are made. In the meantime, I compiled a list of suggestions and ideas from my observation and other staff:

- Show the amount of space you can type characters for what I see.  There are several places where it appears you can type more but you can't and often you don't know this until you have run out of room and that is quite frustrating.  When this happens you have to make time to re-work what you have written.  Some of the areas are in memos, notes in transactions, reference line in the clinical notes.  

- It would be helpful if you could look up patients by searching by birth date. The reason for this is often an office calls and wants information on a patient and they are asking by identifying the birth date.

- The OK button on version 17.1.1 is always green and on.  It doesn't allow you to know if you are in edit mode or not.  Right now in version 16.2.8, the OK button is grayed out when not in edit mode and not grayed out when in edit mode.  It would be helpful for the same for the Green OK button....and maybe not so Green.  It's very bold, especially when it's "on" all the time.

- Memos - PLEASE help get them in chronological order from the top NOT the bottom.  I know this got changed in the lab cases and it would be wonderful to have the same for memos.  Otherwise, I have to scroll down to the bottom to find the most recent memos.

- Time Card Preferences.  I set this to Wednesday as our payroll is Wednesday through Tuesday,  However, when I go to run it, it NEVER starts on a Wednesday and seems random where it wants to start.  It would also help if it had a memory of where you left off from the last time you ran it.

- Bulk payment.  Every time you post a bulk payment, you have to exit.  It would be great to have a Tab that could be for a new bulk payment, so that you don't have to exit out back to Softdent before beginning again.

- Currently to run a report for patients by insurance company, I have to run each one by number ID.  Alphabetical is not an option and would be helpful.

- Transaction audit trail.  It would be helpful to add the ability to "delete today's transactions" vs "delete any date".  This would limit issues with deleting other items in error.  Also, a audit trail report for just changing transactions.

- Don't forget about the colors for the express bar and background, as we talked previously.  Understand that the royal blue may be dated but there are other blues!!  I did notice that having the same blue for the express bar and the background helped my eye flow....the blues appeared to be coordinated.  The current color scheme are conflicting and harder on the eyes.

Thanks for hearing me out!!

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Canine III

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

is 17.2 available yet? We are on the cloud so updates usually happen automatically for us. We are still on 17.1.1
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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: SD Version 17.1 - What's New

Not yet. We are about to go beta for about 6 weeks so looking at a June/July release.