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Canine II

SS number appearing on treatment plan

Does anyone know now to remove the SS# from the treatment plan printed out of the patient's chart?  I think this is an option the we should be able to turn on/off to fit the practice.  The treatment plan we use is from the patient's chart.  From the charting module go to File>Print>Treatment plan.  This treatment plan shows the teeth charting on the printout along with the treatment plan sectioned off in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment plan.  This particular treatment plan is very useful because the patients can see the teeth on the printout. Some patients feel very uncomfortable with that printing out on the sheet.  We keep one copy in the chart and we give a copy to the patient to take home.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: SS number appearing on treatment plan

At this time there is one solution to this remove the SSN from the patient record before printing the chart from the charting module. That may seem dramatic but many insurance companies no longer require SSN for identification and have a patient ID number under the insurance tab where the SSN without dashes can be placed if it is needed for that purpose and then it will not print on the chart printout and will not be needed in the SSN number field. Also keep in mind if it is on the account screen it doesn't print on the chart printout.

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Canine III

Re: SS number appearing on treatment plan

Unfortunately, removing it prior to printing per above is the only solution. I feel that is dangerous. We have resorted to good old White Out. Not very professional. SSN does NOT belong on a printed treatment plan.