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Setting up a patient ortho budget

Hi everyone,

I am new to the insurance chair in our office and I feel al ittle in over my head.  Latest issue is setting up a budget plan for an Ortho patient.  Any tips on this topic.  Thank you!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Setting up a patient ortho budget

First, I really think you would benefit for 1 on 1 training.  I have list the steps below, but without proper training you may struggle with these steps.  if you are interested in training please email me and I will send you information on the training options available.

Ortho Budget Plan

Setting up the Insurance Plan

Click List

Click Insurance Plan

Type Plan Name, Press Tab

Click Edit

Update the Following

  • Plan Name if Needed (Example: University of Pitt Hospital/MetLife)
  • Insurance Company (Example: Select MetLife)
  • Phone Number for carrier (enter under eligibility)
  • Any Plan Notes if need (Example:  Ortho up to age 19)
  • Group Number
  • Estimation Type
  • Anniversary Month
  • Dental Maximum
  • Ortho MAX
  • Click The Yellow Coverage Tab
  • % for Ortho – Uncheck deductible
  • Click  the Red Claim Filing Tab



Which applies

Click Ok

Setting up the Account

Click the account Icon



Type the Insured’s name (press Tab)

Click Edit

Update Insured Information

Select the plan you have just updated

Select Dr Number (optional cresting a separate # for Ortho Patients)


Account User Code O = Ortho Account

Patient User Code O = Ortho

ICM = 2 

Click OK

Click Patient on toolbar


Update Patient information

  • Click Yellow Insurance Tab (link Ins)
  • Patient User Codes = User Code O = Ortho
  • Patients Dr  - Select the correct provider

Click OK

Entering the charges and creating the budget plan

Click Transactions

Enter Treatment (Example: ADA Code 8080 for $5800)

Click Submit Insurance





Enter the # of months treatment remaining

Enter the # of Total Phases

Enter the current Phase

Enter the Appl. Placed date

Enter the banding data

Enter the insurance payment frequency (Example: Pay quarterly up to $1,500)


Click OK



Optional Print or submit electronically

Setting up the Ortho Budget plan

Click patient Budget Plan on the Express Bar

Click Edit Ortho Case

Select Claims Number and Double Click it to pick it

Press Tab

Click OK



Click Edit Budget Plan

Enter all info – OK




Click Post Adjustments  on the express bar (if you don’t, the patient will be doubled_

Click Payment on the Express Bar

Click Personal

Select payment Type (Cash, Check Credit Card)

Misc. Tips

  1. There are reports available under
    1. Reports
    2. Practice Management
    3. Ortho Insurance Reports
  2. When running AR reports (or any reports) don't forget you can exclude user code "O" when you want to leave out the ortho accounts
  3. If someone wants to pay off their budget plan early, click “Reset Budget Plan,” but you must adjust the remaining balance back onto the patient’s ledger manually. 






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