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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

SoftDent - Tip - Setting Appointment Properties

You can change the appointment display based on the computer location. You can modify Back office vs front office templates. For example, a clinical team member would like in their Op to display on the scheduler, full name, age and tooth and surface with a marble look on Back office -template.

name age.png

When Hipaa privacy is turned on they would like to view first initial with last name, tooth and surface with a marble view on Back office- Hipaa template.


  1. Select an appointment, right-click, and select Properties; or select Properties > Appointment from the Options section of the Express bar or the Options menu. The Appointment Properties window is displayed.
  2. Select an appointment template from the Appointment Template drop-down list and customize one template at a time

template options.png

background image.png

The clinical team member can un-check the box below to have changes only effect their Op.