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Premolar III

We are having problems with MetLife's ERA payments

The payments are accurate, but the information we get from their website is inaccurate. It seems they are re-using trace numbers, so when we print out the claim summary for a specific trace number, the report shows patients from other offices with old dates of service.

Is anyone else seeing that problem?

We are entering the payments manually, and this leads to us taking time to double check every thing. We are thinking of switching back to mailed checks.

There are other issues that are making us think about switching back to checks. We find it frustrating that when logged into MetLife's website to get the EFT information, there is no way to mark which EFTs we've already processed. Also, the mailed pre-ds are better than the downloaded pre-ds.

MetLife was our test case for ERA. We chose to start with them because it's relatively low volume for us since we are out of network. So far we are not impressed.

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