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Canine II

We have Softdent Version and can't get the Pending List feature to work. We find the patients on a Pending List Report but not on the list within the scheduler? Am I missing something?

We have Softdent Version and have not been able to get the Pending List feature within the scheduler to work. We find a name on the Pending List Report but can't find them within the scheduler feature. We've tried searching by patient name, provider, etc and still nothing. I feel this is a key feature that we would use but have just gotten too frustrated. I've been using Softdent for 20 years and I'm stumped. We had a 3 day onsite trainer that was stumped too. Are we missing a setting? Is it only our office? Thanks, Aneta

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Canine III

where is the pending list at?

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Michelle - 

I expect you won't see anything called a pending list in your version of SoftDent.  Some SoftDent customers have a version with a different scheduler module that has a pending List.  It similar to the tickler list that you see in your version.  They serve the same objective but have a different name and may not function exactly the same way to accomplish that objective.  

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Aneta - 

Even though we weren't able to answer this through The Exchange and we are now working with you over the phone through our service team, I appreciate your using The Exchange to try and get this resolved. 

-John Wildharber

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Premolar III

Hi elastagirl29‌,

Thanks for your patience on this.  I will tag some smart people here and see if we can get you an answer.  







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