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Premolar I

Clinical Notes and Experts Down

Yesterday I reported an issue with clinical notes being down and then later I learned that Office Experts is also down.  I did not get a response yesterday from someone on the escalation team that was supposed to look at the issue.  This is critical and we cannot operate efficiently  with these being down. Could someone please respond to this quickly this morning.  I will be on our mobile unit this morning so I left a call back number yesterday where I can be reached. 

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Premolar I

Re: Clinical Notes and Experts Down

I called in this morning and found out that the person assigned to the issue was not going to be in until 11:00 this morning.  I was able to get someone to reassign the case so we were able to run the utility this morning and not lose another half day.  Please remind support staff that when an office is down it is critical that they respond in a timely manner.

Premolar II

Re: Clinical Notes and Experts Down

Hi bwhite‌, I assumed that since this was assigned yesterday that it would have been addressed at that time. Please allow me to apologize that you didn't receive a call back yesterday. I have since requested that your case be reassigned and addressed as soon as possible to give your office some relief with this issue.