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Color coding our scheduler

We would like to color code our schedule into high production times (surgical for our office) a 6 hour block with the remaining hours color coded to (NP, supportive procedures.  How would we go about doing this so we can see at a glance what time is available in our say surgical block on any given day.

Thank you

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Color coding our scheduler

To add a color group for use in color scheduling, perform the following steps.

1. Click Scheduler in the main menu bar.
2. Select Setup Goal and Colors. The Month at a Glance window is displayed.
3. Click Options.
4. Select Set up Color Groups. The Scheduling Color Definitions  window is displayed.
5. Press <A> to add a color group.
6. Enter the desired color group title in the field provided.
7. Enter a minimum and maximum code range or $ amount range the color will be assigned to if so desired.
8. Double-click on the colored box in the far right-hand column.
9. Click on the desired color to assign to the group.
10. Click OK to return to return to the Scheduling Color Definitions window.
11. Click OK on the Scheduling Color Definitions window.
12. Press the <Esc> key.
13. Click Yes to save the changes to the color table..

To color the scheduler in order to better manage what procedures are to be done in what rooms and / or certain days or times

  1. Click Scheduler in the main menu bar.
  2. .Select Setup Goals and Colorsto display the Month At A Glance view in GOAL mode.
  3.  Switch to the Daybook view by selecting Default Daybook from the drop-down menu towards the top of the scheduler toolbar.
  4. Click Choose Color on the tool bar to select a color. ( using the color groups added in the previous steps )
  5. There are two ways to add colors to an operatory:

To color code one slot at a time, select the slot and click 
Mark on the tool bar or press <K> on the keyboard.

To color an entire operatory, select the first time slot on the operatory and click 
Paint on the tool bar or press <T> on the keyboard.

  1. Repeat this process to color all your operatories and time slots. The scheduling colors you have assigned will show up in all books, and in the Book At A Glance.



Premolar II

Re: Color coding our scheduler


Please see the document below. You may print it to a PDF if you'd like for future reference.

SoftDent: How To Add Color Scheduling To Better Manage What Procedures Are To Be Done In Specific Ro...

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