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Canine III


Now that we are heading in the chartless direction, we are entering a lot of patient's medications. I have noticed that if one prescription field is entered there is no way to track it by forms of the drug. For example many patients take a statin, AKA  Atorvastatin, AKA simvastatin, AKA Crestor, AKA Zocor, AKA Lipitor... Without Googling each drug, each time I may not know that Tranxene is also Clorazepate (both entered in my system) and they are essentially the same thing.

When entering a prescription it would be great to have an alternative name section, so that when searching for any name in that list the main selection comes up.

Also, I noticed a drug someone had entered (Lorestartan) which was spelled wrong and could have actually been one of 2 REAL medications (Lovastatin or Losartan). There is no way to search the patient to whom this is linked to search out which medication the patient is actually taking.

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Canine III

Re: Prescriptions

Hi Sue I just came across your post.  I have noticed a lot of misspelled medications on our list and I printed it out and I am currently going through it and highlighted those that are misspelled.  Thinking of deleting/correcting those and will they correct in the patient chart?  We also were just adding the drugs but now are trying to be more accurate and get the patient's dosage in there as well.  Just wondering how you are handling all of this.  I have search the site and have not come across any directive.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


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