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SoftDent: Changing the Doctor on Insurance Forms

SoftDent: Changing the Doctor on Insurance Forms



The incorrect treating doctor was associated with an insurance claim.  Can the treating doctor on the claim be changed?


Insurance claims will pick up the production doctor for any insurable transactions on a claim as the treating doctor for that claim. If a claim is submitted with the incorrect treating doctor, it can be corrected by canceling the claim, correcting the individual transactions, and resubmitting the claim.

Cancel the Current Claim Showing the Incorrect Treating Doctor

1. Open the patient's transaction window.
2. Press <U>on the keyboard to view the patient's outstanding claims.
3. Highlight the incorrect claim.
4. Press <V>on the keyboard to view the claim detail window.
5. Press <O> on the keyboard.
6. Select Cancel Claim.
7. Click Yes to cancel the claim.
8. Click Yes to delete the claim.
9. Close the outstanding claims window to return to the transaction screen.


Correcting the Affected Transaction

1. Double-click on a transaction
to be included on the claim.
2. Make certain the correct provider ID is entered into the box labeled "Dr.".
3. Remove, and then replace the check in the box labeled "Insurable".
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each transaction included on the claim.
5. Submit the transactions
to insurance as normal.

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