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SoftDent: End of Year Reports

SoftDent: End of Year Reports

The following table lists the recommended reports you should run at the end of every fiscal year. Although these reports are particularly useful at the end of the year, they can be run at any time throughout the year.

IMPORTANT: These reports are not required to “close out” the year.

Name and PathDescription

Insurance Plan Rollover

Insurance > Insurance Plan Rollover

  Resets insurance benefits for each patient with an insurance plan anniversary date of January.

  Run prior to posting transactions or submitting insurance for the month of January.

  Should be run at the start of each month.

Treatment Plan Recalculation of Benefits

Insurance > Treat Plan Recalc of Benefits

  Recalculates estimated insurance portions for all treatment plans.

  Should be run at the start of each month.

Practice Summary Report

Reports > Practice Management > Practice Summary
  Compares nine key areas (such as production, receivables, referrals and so forth) for the past six months and forecasts the next six months.
Practice Barometer Report

Reports > Practice Management > Practice Barometers
  Compares two date ranges for the number of patients seen, new patients, productions, goals, and receivables totals.

Accountant’s Earnings Report

Reports > Accounting > Accountant’s Earnings

  Shows a breakdown of all transaction codes posted.

  Calculates net collections, net productions, net charges, tax, and expected income.

Account Aging

Reports > Accounting > Account Aging

Shows ending receivables totals.

  Identifies overdue accounts.

  Lists all accounts that have an aged balance over a specified amount.

Receivables Summary

Reports > Practice Management > Receivables Reports > Summary
  Lists prior receivables, changes in receivables, and new receivables totals for the current date, month-to-date, and year-to-date.

Receivables Breakdown

Reports > Practice Management > Receivables Reports > Breakdown

  Lists monthly or yearly breakdown of receivables totals for the practice

Collection Summary

Reports > Practice Management > Collection Reports > Summary

  Summarizes all collections by cash, check, insurance check, and credit cards

Yearly Register

Reports > Accounting > Registers > Yearly
  Summarizes the number of patients seen, number of new patients, production, and collection amounts for the year.

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