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SoftDent: How To Set Up an Ortho Budget Plan

SoftDent: How To Set Up an Ortho Budget Plan


To Provide Instruction for Setting Up and Ortho Budget Plan


To create an ortho budget plan for a patient, perform the following steps.

1. Click Add on the patient transactions window.
2. Add the applicable orthodontic procedure code or codes.
3. Click OK to close the add transaction window. The "Patient Transactions" window is displayed.
4. Click Submit Insurance. The "Claim" window is displayed.
5. Enter the number of months that remain in the treatment process.
6. Click OK. The insurance is submitted, and the "Patient Transactions" window is displayed.
7. Click Yes when prompted to set up an
ortho insurance case. The "Patient Budget Plan" window is displayed.

  • Please note that the claim number, case fee, percentage covered, submission frequency, ortho maximum, number of payments billed, and estimated payment amount from the insurance company for the ortho claim is displayed in the "Ortho Insurance Case Information" section of the window.
  • The estimated amount for the insurance company's first payment is displayed in the "Periodic Pymt" field. This amount is calculated by dividing the expected payment amount by the number of treatment months and multiply the sum by the submission frequency.

If the expected insurance payment is $200, the months of treatment is 6, and the payment frequency is 3. The estimated periodic payment would be $100 ($200 divided by 6 = $33.333; 3 x $33.333 = $99.999, or $100).

8. Click Edit Budget Plan on the patient budget plan window.
9. Enter the appropriate patient
budget plan start date in the "Start Date" field.

  • The first budget plan charge will be posted on said date. The next charge will be posted one month after the start date.

10. Enter the patient portion of the budget plan or the amount to be billed over time in the "Cash Price" field.

  • Please note that if the patient is uninsured, enter the full amount of the procedure in the field.

11. Enter the amount of the down payment amount in the "Cash Down" field. The cash price minus any cash down payment is displayed in the Total on Plan field.

  • Please note that if a down payment is entered in this window, it must also be posted to the Patient Transactions window.

12. Click OK.
13. Select Coupons from the Express Bar to print the coupon book.
14. Select Truth in Lending Form from the Express Bar to print the "Truth in Lending Form" for the patient.

  • Please note that this must be printed in order to post the patient budget plan.

15. Click Post Adjustment to post the ortho budget plan.
16. Close the ortho budget plan window

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