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SoftDent: How to Configure CS SoftDent to Integrate with Dexis X-Ray Software

SoftDent: How to Configure CS SoftDent to Integrate with Dexis X-Ray Software


To be able to configure CS SoftDent to integrate with Dexis x-ray imaging software


Note: It is recommended that you have your office technician make these changes, however, a CS SoftDent representative may be contacted if you feel need further assistance.

SoftDent versions 9.5 - 16.2.1:

1. Launch SoftDent Software.
2. Open a patient's chart.
3. Click Chart.
4. Select Options.
5. In the Chart Options Properties window, select the X-ray tab.
6. In the X-ray Software 1 portion of the window, click on the drop down arrow in the Software Name list and select Dexis.
7. Select Browse from the list in the drop down menu.
8. Select the entire path to the Dexis executable.
9. Click OK.
10. CS SoftDent Software is now configured to integrate with Dexis.

After selecting Dexis from the drop-down for X-ray Software 1, the actual path for the Dexis executable must be specified in the field below (.EXE path) for Dexis integration to work. This can be done easily by clicking Browse, then navigating to the Dexis executable.

SoftDent versions 16.2.2 or higher:

1. Browse to the following folder as appropriate depending on whether the computer is 64-bit or 32-bit:

64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Carestream\Imaging Launcher

32-bit: C:\Program Files\Carestream\Imaging Launcher

2. Open ImagingLauncher.exe.
3. Select the third party imaging software to be integrated in the list on the left.
4. Click the "..." button, then browse to and select the executable (.exe) of the third party imaging software.  
5. Click Save.  Note: no confirmation is displayed upon clicking Save.  
6. Close the ImagingLauncher.exe.
7. Log into SoftDent.
8. Open any patient's Chart.
9. Click Chart on the menu bar.
10. Click Options.
11. Click the X-ray tab.
12. Select the third party imaging software in the drop-down.  Note: in SoftDent 16.2.2, the Path and EXE fields will be grayed out.  This is normal as this is handled by the ImagingLauncher.exe in 16.2.2 or higher.
13. Click OK.
14. Click X-ray on the menu bar.
15. Click "Start 'Name of Third Party Imaging Software'".  The third party imaging software should now launch.

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