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SoftDent: Moving a Patient to Another Account

SoftDent: Moving a Patient to Another Account

You can move a patient to a new or existing account. You can also move all or a portion of the patient balance; however, you cannot move a patient with an outstanding insurance balance. Appointments, contact notes, and history files are transferred with patient data to the new or existing account.

Note: Patient transactions are not moved with the patient record.

To move a patient to a new or existing account:

1.    Click List > Patient, and select the patient.

2.    Select Move Patient from the Options section of the Express bar or the Options menu. A message is displayed.

3.    To move the patient, click Yes. A message is displayed.

4.    Select an option:

  • To move the patient to a new account: Click Yes. If the patient has a balance, the patient’s current balance is displayed. Enter the amount to be transferred to the new account, and click OK. If the patient has insurance coverage, a message that asks to add the existing insurance information to the new account is displayed. Click the appropriate button. A message that informs you of the patient’s successful move is displayed. Click OK. A new account is created for the patient using the next available account identification number, and all personal information is copied to the new account.
  • To move the patient to an existing account: Click No. The Account List window is displayed. Select the account to which to move the patient record from the list. A message that informs you of the move is displayed. Click OK.

An underscore is added to the end of the patient’s first name (example: Sam_) to indicate that the record is moved. The old patient record is displayed after the new record when records are displayed alphabetically in the Patient List window. The date the record is moved and the new patient account identification number are displayed in the Notes field of the patient record.

I is displayed in the User Codes field of the Patient window when the old record is displayed to indicate that it is inactive. Inactive records are not included in reports.

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