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SoftDent: Running the Patient Last Visit Report

SoftDent: Running the Patient Last Visit Report

The Patient Last Visit report generates a list of patients with a last visit date within a date range.

To generate a list of patients’ last visits:

1.    Select Reports > Patient > Last Visit. The Output Options window is displayed.

2.    Select an output option and click OK. The Patient Last Visit List Report window is displayed.

3.    Select the starting and ending last visit dates from the drop-down lists.

4.    To restrict the report to a specific provider, type the provider identification number in the Provider field.

5.    If you are exporting the report to Excel, the following options are selected:

  • Print Raw Data: Each piece of data in the report is placed in a separate column on the Raw tab.
  • Print Formatted Data:  The report information is displayed in the same manner as if it were sent to the printer on the Formatted tab. 

Deselect an option if you do not want that type of data to display. If you leave both options selected, the report information is displayed on two tabs in the Excel spreadsheet.

6.    Deselect Include Color/Shading if you do not want shading on the report.

7.    Click OK.

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