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SoftDent: Setting Up Credit Card Payment Plans

SoftDent: Setting Up Credit Card Payment Plans

To enable a credit card payment plan:

1. Do one of the following:
   -To set up a plan for an account, in the Account List window, select an account and select Credit Card Payment Plan.
   -To set up a plan for a patient, in the Patient List window, select a patient and select Credit Card Payment Plan.
The plan details are displayed.
2. Click Edit and type the payment plan total in the Total Amount field.
3. In the Down Payment field, type the down payment amount, if the patient wants to make a down payment.
4. Select one of the following options:

   To have the patient specify the amount he wants to pay per month:

  •          Click Patient Picks Payment.
  •          Type the amount the patient wants to pay in the Monthly Payment field and press Tab. The No. of Payments field is automatically updated, as is           the Last Payment field.

   To have the software determine the monthly payment amount based on the number of payments:

  •             In the No. of Payments field, type the number of payments and press Tab. The monthly payment amount is calculated and displayed in the Monthly             Payment field.


5. Select the day on which the credit card payment is submitted from the Day to Authorize drop-down list.
      IMPORTANT: If you entered a down payment and you select a date that is less than 20 days from the date of the down payment, the first payment is       deferred until the next month. If the first payment date is 20 or more days from the down payment date, the first payment will occur on the date selected.

6. Select the provider from the Doctor drop-down list.
7. Click Create. The Carestream ePayments Capture Credit Card window is displayed.
8. Do one of the following:
   -Swipe the credit card to enter credit card information.
   -Type the credit card information in the Credit Card Info section of the window and click OK.


The Credit Card Payment Plan Details section is updated to reflect the payment plan information. This information cannot be edited.
If you entered a down payment amount, a message is displayed, stating that the down payment amount will be charged to the patient’s card today and asking if you want to continue. Click Yes to authorize the patient's credit card for the amount of the down payment.

      NOTE: The payment is treated as an automatic credit card payment, and the transaction does not display in the list of credit card records that are part of                   the payment plan.
      NOTE: If the down payment is not authorized, a message is displayed, stating that the down payment was not authorized successfully and the payment                   plan will not be created. To continue, enter a valid credit card or click Cancel.
The Output Options window is displayed.

9. Select an output option and click OK to print the payment plan consent form. For more information, see Printing a Payment Plan Consent Form.
10. Click OK.
11. Click Close.

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