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SoftDent: Understanding Insurance Calculation Method (ICM)

SoftDent: Understanding Insurance Calculation Method (ICM)


  • What do the numbers used within the "ICM" section of the account's information mean?  
  • What does "ICM" stand for?  
  • How does the ICM for an account affect the insurance estimation for that account?



SOFTDENT Software uses a predefined set of Insurance Calculation Methods (ICM) for determining the way outstanding insurance is calculated and reported for accounting purposes. There are three ICM's and each are explained below.


If the practice bills an account the full fee at the time of service and does not accept benefits, select ICM0. The amount due ages immediately from the service date. You can still print insurance forms for your patients as a courtesy, and SOFTDENT Software still calculates the estimated insurance payment for the patient's information.


If the practice bills an account only after first billing their insurance company and receiving payment, select ICM1. All patient charges are held current until the insurer has paid. When using ICM1, the account's amount due is always $0 for any charges submitted on an insurance claim. SOFTDENT Software bills the account for charges not covered once you've posted the final insurance payment and marked the claim complete. This amount becomes the amount due and ages from the final insurance payment date.


If the practice bills an account their estimated portion (the fee less any estimated insurance payment) at the time of service, select ICM2. The estimated insurance portion is held current, and does not age until you post the final insurance payment and mark the claim complete. The estimated patient portion ages from the service date.

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