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Canine II

Dictation suggestions

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I'm a new member on this forum doing research for my customer using WinOMS (we provide IT support).

The Dr's have asked me to research dictation software that "works with" WinOMS.  I contacted support first; they suggesting using Dragon with Word and copy/paste content into WinOMS.

I also reviewed the "suggested results" from this Forum's search, but nothing really indicates how well the Word data imports into WinOMS.

Also, I'm curious how many members use the "EMR Notes" versus "Digital Forms" and the processes around each.

Others suggest exactly what support mentioned; using Word and copy/paste content.  

What are your thoughts and recommendations?


Rodd Ahrenstorff

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Canine II

Re: Dictation suggestions

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Our doctors create their notes in word and copy and paste into the EMR.  We considered Dragon a long time ago.  The problem, in our personal opinion, with these types of hardware/software is correct voice recognition.  Even with the set-up, just like your phone, it has a tendency of less than 100% accuracy.  

The only thing that I have personally noted when cutting and pasting from Word is the problems with special characters, bullet points, tables, etc.  It appears to be better if you use plain text without any other characters.  At least, that is what we found.