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Canine II

EMR Tablets & Signature Pads

We are getting ready to go chartless (not cloud based) next month and I have ordered a few Surface Pro's for the doctors to use in the rooms to show the x-ray to the patient.  We have computers in each room and the assistant will use that computer while the doctor is using the tablet.  My question is what is your workflow with tablets/signature pads/computers?  If we have a signature pad, that ties up the computer while the patient is signing the consent so that the assistant can't do other charting while the consent is being completed.  I don't want to have to purchase a Surface Pro for each assistant if I can help it but I don't see another alternative other than tying up that patient room longer while the one computer is being used by the patient?

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Premolar II

Re: EMR Tablets & Signature Pads

Following this thread, as we are planning to re-vamp our system soon.

We currently only have signature pads up front and a couple of tablets for the patients to sign in-chair as needed. Each surgery room has a wall-mounted computer where our assistants do their charting.

Premolar I

Re: EMR Tablets & Signature Pads

Hi All,

We ran into a similar situation that you're currently going through. We ended up fitting every room with a workstation (and every operatory with a dual monitor setup - one at the desk, the second behind the patient to display radiographs). In addition, each assistant has an iPad that runs WinOMS. It's with those iPads that the consent forms and health history forms are signed. 

At first, we used to use iConsult to sign health history forms and consent forms, but the integration into WinOMS was way too cumbersome. After some brainstorming and research, we worked with our IT company to make it so that WinOMS would run on the iPads. By purchasing Surface Pros, you will likely eliminate a pretty costly step we had to take. 

If anyone wants to discuss things further, please feel free to email me at