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Canine II

Insurance Aged Receivables Detail Report

What is the mechanism that moves a patient off this report? or How do I keep an item from a claim paid on this report?

The issue: We bill the insurance company for a surgery. The insurance company sends payment but does not pay an item on the claim, a frenectomy, a unit of anesthesia, etc. They don't deny it, they may request further information, etc.Or, they may deny it but not rightfully.

Once I accept payment on the other items in the claim, the patient moves off the insurance a/r detail report. It moves even though I do not enter any payment or adjustment or move the balance of that item to patient due. If it is one item out of the claim, it is usually corrected on the insurance co/administrators portal instead of resubmitting through OMS.

Why doesn't the item stay on the insurance aged rec detail report if I leave it outstanding?  How can I keep it on this report?

My current work around is converting/exporting both the insurance a/r and the a/r by patient to excel and manipulating the data to find what I need.

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