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This has been ongoing for months! About every 3 claims with attachments we get an error message "NEA ATTACHMENT LOG NOT FOUND". We call into support & are asked the same dozen questions, "when did this start happening, is it all workstations etc". This has been happening ever since the migration to Citrix. WINOMS support use to remote in & spend anywhere from 30-60mins to fix the issue. Then we would be able to submit claims for a day or two, only the have the same issue. Now they say to log out of WINOMS, then log out of Citrix, wait a few minutes, then log back into Citrix, then log back into WINOMS, but that is NOT working. We do not have time to repeatedly call support, log out & log back in numerous times a day. Can someone please help. The amount we spend for support, to have a less than adequate software is ridiculous! We must be able submit claims daily to stay in business and pay CareStream for their product and support.

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