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Canine III

Report help

I need to find out how many of a particular CPT code were done by doctor, by insurance carrier.  I haven't been able to find one single report that encompasses all of that.  Best I can get it one variant in a particular report.  I've talked with WINOMS and they tell me it can't be done.  Does anyone else have this knowledge??


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Premolar III

Not sure if you have check out the data export-->transactions.  You can export data by CPT code.  You should be able to get an excel spreadsheet that lists every or any code by provider.  That will get you a count of a particular code.  Not sure how or if insurance number is possible.  You can export insurance payments but I don't believe it will sort by procedure code or charge.  Might be a lot of comparing spreadsheets.

Hope this helps a little.

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