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Premolar I

Schedule Notations

As a suggestion for a future update, I'd love to see an ability to notate the appointment schedule with criteria blocks that can get overwritten by pt accounts. With multiple providers at multiple locations and 7 people that schedule, one clinic doesn't always get the memo of what a doctor wants overall, let alone if there's something special about a specific day. It would also help new people if we could just have the general template with everything blocked off of "what goes where". We would need to still allow appointments to be entered over the notation (as opposed to blocking the schedule with a note). Here's a super clunky idea of what I mean:

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Premolar II

Re: Schedule Notations

Fantastic solution!! Bravo!

Yes, we have also noticed an increase in the very particular demands by our doctors regarding their schedule. We can accommodate, but a notation that is fully visible but does not block the ability to schedule in that space would be phenomenal!!

Canine III

Re: Schedule Notations

I absolutely love this idea!  We have four offices around the metro area and each location schedules differently. An office I was recently at places a post-it on the side of their monitor as a reminder. If someone else were to access their schedule, it would be helpful to have this so all offices could see something specific for that day in regards of how or what to schedule. Another office places a reminder note but unless you open that note or print a copy of the schedule, it doesn't appear noticeable.

Amy Jo
Canine II

Re: Schedule Notations

We use our contact notes for all items that we need for that day.  As an example, we created a "patient" named office notes.  Then you place a contact note and then date it for the day that you need it.  This automatically pops up in the workspace, (as long as you choose it in the preferances to show).  We have a teammember prepare our appointments the day before and she would place any notes that we need or the doctors let us know of special things they need at the time of the consultation and we contact note it for when we need it.  This is how we do any follow up...insurances, surgical guides dentures etc..... Hope this helps!

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