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Canine II

WINOMS Cloud Images Missing & Other Issues

Ever since the cloud outage, we are still unable to view any of our images on the cloud.  After multiple lengthy hold times (1 1/2 hours), we were told to be patient.  This is not acceptable! 

Now for the past 2 days the system has been excruciatingly slow.  We have three locations and 25 employees all of whom are experiencing horrible reaction time to even a simple task in the system.  Then system crashes for no reason when trying to scan. 

We have been on the cloud for less than a month and it has already been a complete nightmare!  Could someone please let us know when these issues are going to improve?  


Community Manager
Community Manager

OralSurg215 - 

I will have our team reach out to you to ensure we are addressing any issues that can be immediately resolved.  We are working on the performance issues at this time and I assure you this is not normal in spite of your recent experience.  I apologize for the impact of the performance issues. 

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