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Canine II

Workspace Vs. Emr users within WINOMS

I am looking for an answer on needing to "maximize the window" in patient charts when in the EMR so scrolling does not need to happen.

When a user is a workspace user (opens workspace up first) and they go into the EMR the patients chart automatically "maximizes" so no issue with having to scroll to work within the EMR but if a user is a EMR user(opens EMR up first) it does not automatically maximize so we need to hit the bottom in the upper right to expand the view so we do not have to scroll.

I am wondering if there is a setting that we need to change so that being an EMR user we don't have to hit the maximize button? 

We are currently using version 9.1



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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Workspace Vs. Emr users within WINOMS

Hey Alyssa,

Thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to comment on this to let you know that I'm currently looking at this and also raise awareness of this feedback in case others have anything to say about it. Will post back what I find out.


Christopher Octa

UX Designer