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eservices for EDI

Good morning.  I have left a message for eServices but am not sure I'm contacting the right place.  The EDI in our area is changing from Cahaba GBA to Palmetto GBA, which is our new Jurisdiction J A/B MAC.  I need to verify that there will be no delay in the transmission of our Medicare claims.  Is this an issue that Carestream should address or should I address it with NEA?  My email is and I appreciate any direction that can be given.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: eservices for EDI

Matt can you help Cindy with this concern. mczar

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Premolar I

Re: eservices for EDI


This is a prettty common occurrence with Medicare. The clearinghouse is well aware of the change and already sends claims to Palmetto GBA (for other states) so the transition will be seamless to you. They payer id will not change.  

Matt Czarick | Sr. Manager
DPMS Escalations Group
Canine III

Re: eservices for EDI

Good morning, Matt. Thank you for this info. I have a lot of years of experience in medicine but am new to OMS and Carestream. In my short time here, I’m discovering significant differences in the way Carestream and its clearinghouse works compared to the medical software systems and their clearinghouses that I am used to. I’m not surprised to find that this will be a seamless transition, but obviously, confirmation is good. Certainly didn’t want to miss anything that we should be doing and then have a problem down the road.

Again, thank you for this info and I hope you have a great day.

Cindy Austin


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