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Canine III

removing old appointment types

I would like to clean up our system and remove unused appointment types.  However, the system won't let me because we have appointments from years ago with the title I am trying to delete.

Is there a way to delete these?



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Canine II

Gee, wouldn't it be nice if we could simply inactivate old appointment types like we can do with insurance plans?  Actually this would be nice to do with all tables, especially implant Fixtures and Types.  They just are not willing to make the effort.  So many simple things that would really make a big difference on our workflow.  Your are correct.   There is no way to delete them or hide them. 

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Premolar III

I believe I called in about this issue awhile ago and I believe you are stuck.  I don't think you can delete old appt types if they were ever used by a patient.  We added zzz to all appt type descriptions as a way of making them inactive and have users stop using that type.  

If you are really desperate to clean this up, I think you can run a appt profile report to fine all appts with a certain type in a date range.  You could in theory change the appts to a different type but that I wouldn't recommend that option.  

If anyone has an actual option on this, please share.

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