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3 First Things You Should Do

If you are reading this thread, chances are you are new to the group and don’t know where to begin. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

1. Complete your User Profile:

Upload an avatar and pictures- Show us who you are. You can add up to 10 pictures to your profile, so add a picture of yourself, your team, your workplace or even your favorite vacation spot.

Add your Skills and Expertise- Tell us what you’re an expert at. This is important so if a user has a question or idea on a specific topic, they will know who to talk to.

2. Understand Resource Spaces and Discussion Groups and Follow what you’re Interested in:

What is a resource space? Our Resource Spaces serve as content libraries consisting of webinars, videos, customer testimonials, service documentation and more. Hit the follow button on the top right corner of a space to get updated when new content is added.

What is a discussion group? Our Discussion Groups are where the conversation happens. Ask a question, share a best practice, discuss an idea   or at the very least view what your peers have to say. Stay up to date on the latest by hitting the follow button in the top right corner of a discussion group.

3. Start Connecting!

Don't be afraid to post your questions or ideas- A good place to get started is to tell us a little about yourself in our intro thread.

Additional questions?  Feel free to ask, browse through our other documents in the Help/Getting Started space or reach out to me directly!

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