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Premolar II

Remove ability to change Implant Codes from within Implant tab

We really need to refine our users' rights with regard to the Implant tab. We would like them to be able to access the tab and enter implant info from the existing codes without being able to Create new codes or Override existing ones. I'm sure this won't be true for every office, so they'll likely want it to be a security feature that you could enable or disable this security level.

Unfortunately, a glitch in WinOMS allows them to OVERRIDE the code if they are not careful while correcting something they entered erroneously. When they override the implant code in this manner, it changes that code's for all the patients it was already entered on. This effects the accuracy of hundreds of patients' records. We found one such error that has effected over 300 patients in our system, and since we do not know when the error was created, it is an INVOLVED process to correct.

When I called today, I was advised that this is a known issue, but still categorized as "in development". Since this error directly changes the accuracy of patient records, I must encourage it as a higher than average priority.

We do our best to ensure proper training, but there will always be a new kid on the block. We are implementing new checks and balances, but glitches like this detract from our ability to be "paperless", as we now have to keep a hard copy record to reference if such errors occur again.

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