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Security Error 2904 When Trying to Reset Users Passwords

Security Error 2904 When Trying to Reset Users Passwords

The user resetting the password will need to be logged into the software under the username Admin with the Admin password (not an admin level user) in order to reset a users password.  If you do not know the Admin password, you will need to contact Support to have authorization signed in order to reset the Admin password or get the doctors authorization to give you the Admin password in case you have forgotten it or were not given it.  Once that is completed, you can proceed to login the software as Admin to reset the users password.

1. Click Tables

2. Users

3. Confirm Password

4. Select Username whose password is to be reset

5. Click Edit

6. Click reset password\pin

7.  Password is automatically set to password

8. Once the user whose password has been reset the user can then log in and change password to what they choose under Utilities>Change my Password.

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