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WinOMS: Creating a New Mail Merge Letter Template

WinOMS: Creating a New Mail Merge Letter Template

You can add new mail merge documents to your software, either as Microsoft Word documents or as QuickEdit documents, according to the editing and format requirements of the document.

There are two types of mail merge documents:

  • Patient Contains variables that merge with patient data. Use for overdue balance, insurance denial, referral thank you notes.
  • Referral Contains variables that merge with referral data. Use for golf outings, open house invitations, holiday cards,  or seminar invitations.

To create a new mail merge document:

1. Select Letters > Mail Merge Document Maintenance. The Mail Merge Document Search window is displayed.

2. Click New. The Mail Merge Document Wizard is displayed.

3. Select the Document Type, Data Source, and Document Layout.

      NOTE: In cases where the new letter contains any patient information, select Patient as the data source.

4. To include procedures on your letter, select Actual Services from the drop-down list in the Procedures to Include field, or if you are sending a treatment plan letter, select Pre-Treatment Estimates.

5. Click Next. The second window of the Mail Merge Document Wizard is displayed.

6. Type the file name you want to use for the new mail merge document.

7. Click Next. The third window of the Mail Merge Document Wizard is displayed.

8. Click Finish.

9. Compose and format your document using Microsoft Word or QuickEdit. Be sure to save and close the new document.

   NOTE: When creating a new mail merge document, insert variables instead of specific information. When creating and editing your mail merge documents,    variables should be placed wherever specific data is to be merged.

  •    Example: When creating an overdue balance mail merge document, use variables in place of the date, the billing party’s name and address, and the patient      balance.

To insert variables into your mail merge documents:

1. With the mail merge document on the screen, position the cursor at the point you want to insert the variable.

2. Make sure that you type any required spaces or punctuation before or after a variable or between two variables.

3. If using QuickEdit, click Insert Variable. If using Microsoft Word, click Insert Merge Field.

4. Select the variable and click Insert. The variable name is displayed at the insertion point.

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