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WinOMS: The Create and/or Transmit Buttons are Grayed Out in the Electronics Claims Transmission Screen

WinOMS: The Create and/or Transmit Buttons are Grayed Out in the Electronics Claims Transmission Screen

The create and/or transmit button in the electronic claims queue window are greyed out.
This can be related to, but is not limited to the following: Incorrect workstation settings, or a batch already exist on server. 

NOTE: First look at the text above the Create & Transmit buttons.  If the Create button is greyed out and the text reads Click Transmit button to send submission files:, this indicates that a batch of claims has already been created and is waiting to be transmitted.  Click the Transmit button and complete transmission of the claims batch.

After doing so, the Create button is now available.

If both the Create & Transmit button are grayed out, the workstation must be authorized to transmit electronic claims as follows:

1. Click Tables>Eservices>Configure Eclaims.
2. Set the software box (lower left) to CSD ECLAIMS, then click Configure eClaims.
3. Enter the office Tax ID and ES# (ES#'s have to be 8 digits and may require a leading 0).

NOTE: If the office has more than one location, click Office Setup>Select and select each office location from the drop-down menu. Enter the Tax ID and ES# for each location (these values are the same for each office but must be configured separately).

4. Once the TIN/Account Values are entered, click Test. You will see a prompt that the test may take a few minutes but a response typically comes back instantly.
5. A successful test will display the message Web Enabled File Transfer is Successful.
6. Click OK, and exit the eClaims setup screens. At this point you can proceed to the Electronic claims insurance queue to resume processing.

If issue persist, verify that a backslash ('\') is present at the end of the server directory path in practice preferences.
1. Click Tables.
2. Click Practice.
3. Click Practice Preferences.
4. Click Miscellaneous tab.
5. Add \ to the end of the server directory path (i.e. \\Server\mdcs\)

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