Is this the FINAL Daysheet?

Discussion created by jeffrey.urkevich on May 18, 2016
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Most, if not all, SoftDent practices run the Daysheet to review charges, payments, & adjustments at the end of each day; it's an essential part of balancing and closing out the business.  However, many practices fail to run the Final Daysheet. This little checkbox on the Daysheet selection criteria dialog box is very important to the health of your SoftDent financials. 


The Final Daysheet option adds the day's financials to your existing A/R, without it your financial reports may be incorrect.  Below is a picture of the Daysheet dialog box with the FINAL box pointed out.

Here is an example of an interim Daysheet, followed by a Final Daysheet.  Notice that today's receivables have been added to the A/R total in the second picture.  May 18th is now finalized for this practice. 


If you have not been running Final Daysheets on a regular basis, our support team can help you get things back in balance.