Shortcut buttons for charting conditions

Discussion created by jedidentist on Nov 1, 2016
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We've been a long time user of Softdent (>16 years), but have just started using it to it's full capacity.  We've just started going chartless, and as a pedo office, there are many conditions that we need to chart frequently that is cumbersome under the current system.  We very frequently need to chart conditions like staining, hypoplasia, decalification, etc.  It would be very useful if there were shortcut buttons in the "conditions" section so that we didn't have to go through drop-down menus/selections with regularity.  We would really like to see short cut buttons for:

-Unerupted (tooth required)

-Partially Erupted (tooth required)

-Hypoplasia (tooth required)

-Decalcification (tooth and surface required)

-Stain (tooth and surface required)


We would also like to be able to "inactivate" conditions that don't apply (like abfraction, etc.).  The more we could clean it up, the less cumbersome it is.


Also, when charting caries, if we make an error during the initial process, we can just click on the surface to make a correction.  However, when we're clicking on surfaces while treatment planning, if we make an error, we have to find the error listed at the bottom of the page, right click, and delete it...extra steps for a simple error.  It's fine to do that if the treatment plan has been saved, but if it's in the initial stages, it's pretty annoying not to be able to simply "un-click" it.




Derek Zurn, DDS, MS