PracticeWorks Version 8 - How Line Item Accounting Works

Discussion created by juriz Employee on Feb 14, 2017
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In the last discussion I shared what line item accounting is. In this post I'm going to show you how it works. 



When line item accounting is activated a new screen appears when entering payments. The Payment Distribution window is where the magic happens. From this screen you apply, or distribute, payments to procedures.


The Amt to apply column allows you to assign credits to outstanding debits. In the example above we see the $50 CASH payment fully distributed to the Comprehensive Oral Exam.


Insurance payment distributions are completed on the enhanced Receive Insurance Payment screen. In addition to the Amt to apply column we have the Amt to write-off column.



In the example above, $5 is distributed to the Nitrous and $35 to the filling. $26 is written off ($6 for the Nitrous and $20 of the filling). When complete, the $40 insurance payment and a $26 write off (using the DELTAWO code) are posted to the ledger. 


For a detailed walk-through  of payment distributions download the attached PDF's. 


In the next discussion I'll talk about why an office would want to use line item accounting.

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