Viewing Multiple Images

Discussion created by jeanspears on Mar 28, 2017
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In PracticeWorks imaging - does anyone know if or how to view multiple images on one screen when the bitewings are viewed in their format?  For instance - if you have your bitewings up on the screen (in the 4 image format) and doctor wants to view a PA for a single tooth at the same time - we can't open the PA and view it on the screen with the bitewings? (Sometimes they like to compare a PA to a BW).  We have to clear the screen, view the PA and then clear and open the bitewings or open the single bitewing and PA.  I know you can open the bitewings as 4 separate images as well as the PA but the hygienists like to select the bitewing format to open because it's quicker than opening the history and selecting the 4 separate images and after the images are taken and usually the bitewings are already on the screen if they were just updated that day.