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Insurance Estimating

Question asked by jeanspears on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by carolyn621

We are seeing more plans through Delta Dental of Wisconsin that have the "CheckUp Plus" option - which allows for benefits to paid for periodic exams, prophys, x-rays, fluoride, sealants and space maintainers and they are not applied to the patient's annual maximum. Is there anywhere in the insurance estimating section or blue blue  to mark them as exempt from the maximum?  We use the treatment planning section daily when it comes to estimating and quoting patients benefits and out of pocket expenses.  But when the above mentioned services are posted to the ledger and it estimates they will be covered at 100% - it will deduct that amount from the annual maximum that is entered in the blue book thus making the estimating for future treatment inaccurate.