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What do * in the telephone field in reply SMS mean?

Question asked by chilling on Aug 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by simonhancock

Below is a report received re the SMS messages:

1. What do the ** and * mean in the Contact Tel field?

2. Why does the report show the telephone number it does rather than the telephone number that the text was sent to?


Note a "-" has replaced letters in people's names and "9" the telephone number everything else is exactly as the R4 generated report 



SMS Reminder import report - 06/08/2017

Summary: 6 response messages were processed with 0 Errors

2 Appointments were Confirmed:

Confirmed - Appointment for 1007387-Mr C----- A-----(Contact Tel: ) with Mr V----- J----- on Aug 9 2017 11:10AM
Confirmed - Appointment for 1000294-Mrs V----- C-----(Contact Tel: **) with Mr V----- J----- on Aug 9 2017 11:45AM

0 Appointments were Cancelled:

2 messages were confirmed as delivered (no response received):

Delivered - Appointment for 1006911-Mr V----- H-----(Contact Tel: 01948 999999*) with Mr V----- J----- on Aug 9 2017 10:40AM
Delivered - Appointment for 1004868-Mr C----- B-----(Contact Tel: 07985999999) with Mr V----- J----- on Aug 9 2017 4:20PM