Updating the Schedule

Discussion created by juriz Employee on Oct 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by smile44

Good morning PracticeWorks community,


We are reviewing updates to PracticeWorks for the first release of 2018. One of our top priorities, and a long standing request, is for the schedule to fill the screen. This means getting rid of the green on the right and bottom on widescreen monitors, along with removing the schedule book graphics. 


Early work on the schedule looks like this:

Preliminary Widescreen PracticeWorks Schedule

On a side note, this carries over to the pending page so you'll be able to see more pending appointments on the screen. 

In this discussion, I'd like to know what other areas of the schedule will enhance the workflow in your practice. For example, one PracticeWorks user suggested adding the practice's monthly goals to the calendar. (If you're not familiar with setting up the practice's monthly goals go to File->Preferences->Office Monthly Plan). 


I'm looking forward to the discussion.