EMR notes: Locks, Push notifications, Posting

Discussion created by patshartzer on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Matt Ackerman

We've come across several functions that we would love to see in the EMR notes now that we've used them for several years:


1.  A "push" function that notifies the doctor if he has any unlocked/unsigned notes.  There is a way to search for that information, but why not generate a pop-up that reminds the doctor -every time- s/he logs in that he has notes that are unlocked/signed.


2. Is there a reason that notes can be 'locked' and not 'signed'?  Since every note in a patient's clinical (EMR) note should be signed off by the doctor, why is there a function to Lock?  It seems redundant especially if the note automatically locks when the Signature is applied.


3. We're getting A LOT of push-back from insurance companies asking for clinical notes and requesting specific working in the clinical notes before they will even consider a claim.  As practice administrators, I'm sure we've seen EMR notes that wouldn't pass for a clinical note.  I've seen and talked to some practices that no longer use a ticket function or even a routing slip, but have resorted to posting based off of the EMR note.  This has forced providers and surgical assistants to be more comprehensive with their note and more complete, but it also means less hassle with the insurance companies and an increase in reimbursements.  I would love to see a "billing" function in the EMR note (not separate) that would generate a ticket based on the procedures and diagnosis described in the note.


If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.