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Insurance information for allowance table editing

Question asked by dental3208 on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by mdunham

Hi all! I am working on creating our allowance tables and therefore our bluebook from scratch. We hadn't been utilizing this feature in our office and it will be a great help when it is up and running. I am a little confused on what documents I need from insurance companies and then steps after that. I have received hard copies of almost all of our in-network ppo insurance companies fee schedules and created allowance tables using those. However, I just watched a recorded online training webinar about the bluebook and allowance tables and it mentioned 1. deleting codes that aren't on the hard copy but in our Fee0 schedule - so I am not sure what that means because I thought that if it wasn't on their fee schedule they wouldn't cover it and 2. how are the alternative benefits found out so I can apply them in the correct allowance tables? Also, should I be getting schedules from each insurance company that I have in Softdent (even our out of network)? Thanks in advance - this is a crazy confusing process!