Duplicate Social Security Messge

Discussion created by pksaari79 on Dec 18, 2017
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We just updated from 16.2.4 to 16.2.8 and the duplicate social security message is popping up.  We NEVER had this before.  I was looking through conversations and this was the last one:


Some of you have been experiencing issues surrounding social security numbers.  Specifically, these were a message reading "Duplicate Social Security Number Detected", and a defect that changed the SSN to hyphens under certain conditions.  I am happy to report that these issues have been resolved in SD v16.2.8 and this version has been released.  If you are experiencing one or both of these issues, please contact support and we'll get your system upgraded as quickly as possible.

 Thank you for your continued dedication to the SoftDent product.



Since Jeff is no longer there and this is apparently NOT fixed, what to do?  I would assume that if we updated 2 weeks ago, I have the most recent version. Please is annoying. softdentgirl tshaw d.canales