Reconciling e-payments posting (NOT EFT'S!)

Discussion created by cdamoney on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by kevinlund

We have issues with reconciling our epayments that are posted through softdent.  The insurance distribution is usually accurate, however our deposit slip will show variances in check amounts.  This happens when we have to manually post a transaction or the transaction line does not match the era exactly.  For example we bill out a bw and pan and the insurance company bundles them as fmx.  When posting we adjust the payments to match however bc the lines are not exact matches, we often see the money posted to our practice provider number "49" which does not show up on our deposit slips.  We then have to manually move the money from the practice to the individual doctor number, but it does not correct the deposit slip report.  It will actually increase the amount paid and the deposit slip reflects duplicate payments.  Anyway to fix this?  We have tried marking the claims we need to post manually as "not postable" or disassociating them, but it does not resolve the reconciling issues.  This happens very often with secondary claims as well.  It is quite challenging to reconcile large checks from United Concordia at times.