Scheduling a New Patient process

Discussion created by vtortho on Apr 24, 2018
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We would love to see a way to add a sibling as a patient without having to re-key all of the demographic information and re-link all of the responsible parties and insurance data. It's frustrating when adding a new patient and your phone rings. You have two options: 1. sacrifice all of the data you've entered and start over after you've taken the phone call OR 2. not answer your phone because you can't get into another patient's chart while in the middle of adding a new patient. Neither option is a win for the user or the patients. WAVE and CLOUD9 both allow you to add a patient to a chart and the only new info you add is patient name and DOB, the rest of the data just automatically populates AND you can also stop in the middle to answer a call or schedule a patient then come back and finish with adding your new patient without losing any data you've started entering. 


Please address Orthorac's future plans for becoming up to date on adding a new patient in ways that your competition is already doing.